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  • EastEnders


    Follow the twists and turns of Albert Square; from marriage to murder, break-ups to meltdowns, EastEnders has viewers on the edge of their seats time and again.

  • The Bill

    The Bill

    THE BILL follows the daily lives of the men and women at Sun Hill Police Station, as they fight against crime on the streets of London.

  • Heartbeat


    Join characters like PC Mike Brady, Sergeant Craddock and Dr Summerbee, in the cosey village of Aidensfiled, where drama occurs day to day for the locals and police force.

  • Eggheads


    Each day a new panel of challengers pit their skill against the resident champions, the Eggheads, who are all previous winners of other TV quiz shows to try to win prize money.

  • Doctors


    Heston helps a bride-to-be who is keen to read her late father's speech at her wedding.

  • Hollyoaks


    The McQueen's world is rocked when a mystery bundle arrives with no explanation. Meanwhile, on her first Christmas without Rhys, Jacqui's emotions run wild as she makes a heart-breaking discovery.

  • One Foot In The Grave

    One Foot In The Grave

    Moody and temperamental, Victor’s life is turned upside down when he’s faced with early retirement. He`s gone from working man to senior citizen and as far as Victor’s concerned, the next stop is death! With a lot of spare time on his hands, once trivial things take on huge significance for Victor as he battles through a world that no longer makes as much sense as it once did…

  • New Tricks

    New Tricks

    Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad return for a fifth series of New Tricks.

  • Lewis


    The much loved Oxford policeman Lewis is once again joined by his young partner DS Hathaway. And as the relationship between Inspector and Sergeant grows and develops we see new sides to the inimitable duo.

  • QI


    A comedy panel quiz where being Quite Interesting is more important than being right. Hosted by Stephen Fry.

  • The Graham Norton Show

    The Graham Norton Show

    Celebrate the weird and wonderful world of Graham Norton!

  • Pramface


  • The Fades

    The Fades

    Paul struggles with home and 6th form life as apocalyptic visions haunt his dreams and a supernatural creature stalks his home town. When he crosses paths with an outcast loner called Neil who can explain what Paul's seeing, his life is transformed.

  • Doctor Who

    Doctor Who

    Join the Doctor for adventures in Space and Time

  • Come Fly With Me

    Come Fly With Me

    80-year-old Hetty Wolf takes her first ever flight with Great British Air. Meanwhile, husband and wife pilots Simon and Jackie sort out their marriage at 35,000 feet above Sweden.

  • Holby City

    Holby City

    Away from the emergency department of its sister show, Casualty, new faces and love complications are in store for the staff of Holby's hospital wards.

  • Mistresses


    It’s one year on, and the emotional lives of Katie, Trudi, Siobhan and Jessica are as complex as ever.

  • Rev


    Meet The Rev. Adam Smallbone. He’s a Church of England Vicar, newly promoted from a sleepy rural parish to the busy, inner-city world of St Saviour’s in Hackney, East London. It’s a world he has no experience of. And it shows. It really shows.

  • Misfits


    Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon are misfits with nothing in common except the Community Payback scheme they've been lumbered with. When they're caught in a freak storm on day one, their lives are changed forever.

  • Midsomer Murders

    Midsomer Murders

    Mystery and mayhem are once again the order of the day as DCI Tom Barnaby and DC Ben Jones uncover more murders in Midsomer.

  • Agatha Christie's Poirot

    Agatha Christie's Poirot

    From England to the Mediterranean, Poirot pits his wits against killers and kidnappers, poisoners and plotters and thieves and traitors in a compulsive compendium of crime.

  • Married, Single, Other

    Married, Single, Other

    Six friends find the difficulties of living with and without the one you love. Sexy, funny and painfully honest contemplate the meaning of 'happily ever after' and ponder the conundrum of always wanting what you just can't have.

  • Casualty


    Casualty is set in Accident & Emergency department of Holby City Hospital and is never short of action. This series the department are reeling from a tragic train crash, a new Paediatric Specialist and two new nurses join the team and as always there is unexpected romance.

  • Agatha Christie's Marple

    Agatha Christie's Marple

    Miss Marple is back in Series 4 with four new mysteries to solve: A Pocketful of Rye; Murder Is Easy; They Do It With Mirrors; and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

  • The Only Way is Essex

    The Only Way is Essex

    Reality series following a group of people in Essex, including a club promoter, a would-be model, a member of a girl band and two bar workers

  • Hustle


    The Hustle gang are back in business, ready to take each and every cheat, liar or criminal for all they've got.

  • Luther


    DCI John Luther returns from a spell of leave after arresting serial killer Henry Madsen. His first case is the murder of Alice Morgan's parents. But the crime leaves no evidence for a conviction.

  • Whitechapel


    Fast tracker DI Joseph Chandler is posted to Whitechapel by Commander Anderson to lead the investigation into the murder of a woman, the final step before promotion. But the case does not turn out as straightforward as Chandler had hoped.

  • Strike Back

    Strike Back

    John Porter leads a Special Forces unit on a bungled mission to extract a hostage held by terrorists. Wracked with guilt he quits the army, but when one of the terrorists resurfaces in Iraq seven years later, Porter asks to be reactivated.

  • The Choir

    The Choir

    In this Bafta-winning series charismatic choirmaster Gareth Malone is about to face his biggest challenge yet, making it his mission to turn South Oxhey, a sprawling housing estate, into a centre of choral excellence.

  • Little Britain

    Little Britain

    The boys are back! Series 3 of the ultimate catchphrase comedy sees the welcome return of some favourite characters as well as an array of peculiar new faces.

  • The Inbetweeners

    The Inbetweeners

    It's former private school boy, Will's first day at his new local comprehensive school. Things are off to a rough start as he hastily makes enemies out of his head of sixth form and the school psycho.

  • Monroe


  • Inspector Morse

    Inspector Morse

    Oxford’s most famous export, the unique character of Endeavour Morse, has proven to be one of the world’s most popular detective dramas. Follow the adventures of the cantankerous Morse and his devoted to detail, side kick Lewis as they travel Europe solving bizarre mysteries.

  • The Runaway

    The Runaway

    Neglected by their parents, Cathy and Eamonn are two children thrown together in London's East End where they depend on each other and dream of a brighter future together.

  • Eurovision 2014

    Eurovision 2014

  • Exile


    With his career and life in ruins, Tom Ronstadt returns to his hometown where he finds his estranged father now in the grip of Alzheimers. As Tom struggles to adapt to the place he once knew as home, he begins to unravel a mystery from his childhood.

  • That Mitchell and Webb Look

    That Mitchell and Webb Look

    David Mitchell and Robert Webb bring their hilarious view of the world to this BAFTA award-winning sketch show. Intelligent, socially acute and always funny!

  • This is Jinsy

    This is Jinsy

    It is wedding lottery time again on Jinsy and residents are making frantic last-minute preparations before being randomly assigned new partners for the next three cycles.

  • Above Suspicion

    Above Suspicion

    Rookie detective Anna Travis joins the team investigating a series of killings that has shocked even the most hardened of detectives. From the pen of legendary crime writer Lynda La Plante.

  • Foyle's War

    Foyle's War

    Its July 1945 and the war in Europe is over.

  • Call the Midwife

    Call the Midwife

    A moving, intimate, funny and, above all, true-to-life look at the colourful stories of midwifery and families in East London in the Fifties, based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth.

  • Wallander


    Thrilling adaptations of Mankell's best-selling crime novels, starring Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander, a hard-working cop with a strong sense of integrity.

  • Torchwood: Children of Earth

    Torchwood: Children of Earth

    An ordinary day becomes one of terror, as every single child in the world stops. A message is sent to all the governments of Earth: "We are coming." But, as a trap closes around Captain Jack, the sins of the past are returning.

  • Going for Gold

    Going for Gold

    Starring Doctor Who's Matt Smith, this is the powerful story of two young men’s 1948 Olympic dream

  • Bedlam


    Ryan tries to uncover the identity of the basement ghost when Leah returns home to find tyre marks in the kitchen. He discovers that his neighbour is also harbouring a dark secret.

  • Absolutely Fabulous

    Absolutely Fabulous

    Edina runs a fashion agency, wears designer clothes, and lives the life of a jetsetter. Her friend Patsy smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and dresses like a dream. Life would be one long party if only Edina’s boring daughter Saffy would stop complaining and start joining in.

  • Friday Night Dinner

    Friday Night Dinner

    Jackie and Martin are having a clear-out, but Martin is reluctant to throw away his old magazines and ropes in Jonny to hide the stash back at his flat. Meanwhile, Jackie is very excited because it's the Masterchef final.

  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood

    The Mystery of Edwin Drood

    John Jasper is a troubled man. He has spent his life in the claustrophobic town of Cloisterham in a state of frustrated ambition and has become addicted to opium in an attempt to expand his horizons.

  • Any Human Heart

    Any Human Heart

    Celebrated writer William Boyd’s best selling novel Any Human Heart is adapted as a stunning drama mini-series with an all star cast. Every life is both ordinary and extraordinary, but Logan Mountstuart’s – lived from the beginning to the end of the twentieth century – contains more than its fair share of both.

  • An Idiot Abroad

    An Idiot Abroad

    Karl faces the Pyramids as he heads to Egypt to once again share his unique insight on yet another Wonder. Starring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington.

  • Stella


    Stella decides to have a bit of fun in daughter Emma's bedroom, trying on her clothes and playing with make-up. But the fun comes to an abrupt halt when she makes a startling discovery.

  • Parade's End

    Parade's End

    Drama set in the dying days of the Edwardian Empire.

  • A Touch Of Frost

    A Touch Of Frost

    A Touch Of Frost, one of Britain`s most successful television dramas. Inspector Jack Frost is an unconventional policeman with a sympathy for the underdog and an instinct for moral justice.

  • Playhouse Presents

    Playhouse Presents

    Melba's 51 year old son still lives at home, working at the dreaded social security office. His dream is to go on to the stage, which he triumphantly does with a little help from his mother.

  • The Thick Of It

    The Thick Of It

    A comedy set in and around the world of Westminster politics, featuring an ensemble of the best British comic actors, improvising scripts from the sharpest British comedy writers.

  • Peep Show

    Peep Show

    Peep Show returns for a seventh series and follows Mark and Jeremy from the birth of Mark's baby to little Ian's christening.

  • Bad Education

    Bad Education

    Parents' evening is a nightmare unlike any other for Alfie, and today he's also got a pile of mock exams to mark before fierce deputy headmistress Pickwell fails his entire class.

  • Doc Martin

    Doc Martin

    Martin Clunes is back as the irritable Dr Martin Ellingham causing more mayhem in the sleepy Cornish fishing village of Portwern.

  • Death in Paradise

    Death in Paradise

    When a British cop is found murdered in a locked room on the tiny island paradise of Saint-Marie, Detective Inspector Richard Poole is sent to investigate. He's the perfect man to solve the case - if he didn't hate sun, sea and sand.

  • Moone Boy

    Moone Boy