Agatha Christie's Marple

Rated M

About Series 5

Hollywood actress Marina Gregg and her film-director husband enjoy celebratory drinks but it turns to tragedy when an excitable fan fatally consumes a poisoned cocktail.

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About Series 4

When businessman Rex Fortescue is found with a pocketful of rye in his jacket, Inspector Neele is called to investigate assisted by Miss Marple. But the call comes too late for Rex's young wife.

About Series 3

Miss Marple is faced with a big challenge when a deceased friend leaves instructions for her to investigate a crime - without telling her what the crime is! Guest cast: Richard E Grant, Amanda Burton.

About Series 2

When Mrs Symmington commits suicide as a result of anonymous hate-mail, Miss Marple believes that there is more to this case than meets the eye. Was Mrs Symmington murdered?

About Series 1

Miss Marple's friend finds the body of a mystery woman in her library. When another body is discovered, Miss Marple realises there is an earlier tragedy at the root of the killing.