Doc Martin

Rated M

About Series 6

Portwenn is buzzing with arrangements for the wedding of the Doc and Louisa. Will they finally tie the knot, or will the villagers have to put the confetti back in the box again?

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About Series 4

"It's the Doc's last day in Portwenn, and everyone wants to wish him goodbye. Another of Bert's money-making schemes goes wrong, resulting in Louisa going into premature labour. Will the baby be alright?"

About Series 3

Headmistress Louisa Glasson is reading to the children of Portwenn primary school as the grumpiest doctor in the West Country marches through the village. Suddenly Louisa faints in front of her class.

About Series 2

The Doc is still as clumsy as ever when it comes to women.Just as things are looking rosily romantic between him & Louisa he makes a terrible faux pas.She can't forgive him for accusing her of failing in her dental hygiene regime.