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Each day a team of 5 contestants attempts to beat a team of 'know it alls'. The Eggheads, as they are known are people such as the Who wants to be a Millionaire champion and the Master Mind champion. Each day, if the Eggheads win the money 'rolls over' to the next day. There are 5 rounds, first 4 being head to head between an Egghead and a contestant, the winner stays in the team and the loser goes into 'the box' and can only watch. The final round is were all remaining Eggheads play the remaining contestants.

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Episode 152

The Eggheads put their reputations on the line as they play against the team of challengers in a four-round battle. Can anyone beat the ultimate champions?

Tue Nov 25 at 6:55 PM

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