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Bitter, grumpy, sarcastic actor Andy Millman gave up his day job in the hope of achieving fame and fortune. So far he's yet to land a speaking role, let alone saunter down the red carpet to pick up a BAFTA. He does however remain optimistic, as rubbing shoulders with the A-list on set only serves to reinforce his belief that his big break is just a job or two away. If only his agent wasn't so stupendously useless.

Andy and best friend Maggie, also a bit-part actor of just as little standing, can usually be found in the green room, swigging coffee, bitching about their peers or whinging about their lot in life. Prepare for some classic cameo performances from stars including Kate Winslet, Ben Stiller and Samuel L. Jackson as Hollywood's finest go through the Gervais filter and emerge a little... twisted.


In the second series of the cutting comedy Extras despite still being infuriated with those around him, in particular his unfortunate best-friend Maggie and utterly useless agent Darren, Andy Millman has made it to the big time with the lead role in his very own sitcom! But it’s not exactly the role of his dreams…what started out as something close to Andy’s heart has become something of an embarrassment and Andy’s integrity is on the line. Does he bite his tongue and carry on regardless or jump ship and go back to being a lowly extra?

This series includes more classic performances from: Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, Sir Ian McKellan, Chris Martin and Robert Lindsay.


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