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From the makers of the award winning Spooks comes a slick, action packed drama full of intrigue. Hustle follows the fortunes of a gang of five expert con artists let loose on the streets of London. They are specialists in the ways of the grafter and are all keen to liberate cash from the amoral and undeserving. Criminals with a consciences, playing tricks with trust, the hustlers are likeable, loveable rogues evoking the wit and warmth of Oceans Eleven.

Get ready to enter a world where the good guys are very bad and you can’t always trust what is in front of your eyes…


The gang is back for an eighth series of this popular drama. Expect more exciting, inventive and sophisticated scams as the team get ready to part the greedy from their hard-earned cash.

In this series, the team encounters a dangerous gold dealer, a glamorous couple who specialise in sham diet treatments and a crooked landlord with his eye on the capital. Not only that but the police are on their tail once more and the team find themselves impersonating renegade soldiers, high class thieves and even Olympic committee members to bring down their targets.


Master con man Mickey Bricks returns with his team of talented con artists – expert fixer Ash ‘three socks’ Morgan, master roper Albert Stroller and brother and sister team Sean and Emma Kennedy.

This time around there’s a cruel modelling agent who scams young girls out of their hard-earned cash, an unscrupulous social climber at the helm of a greedy loan firm, an Iranian hard man nicknamed ‘the Dentist’ and even a notorious grifter buster!


When Mickey meets a beautiful, clever young woman, it all seems to be too good to be true. And it is. Lucy Britford is an, albeit highly attractive, detective inspector, set on getting somewhere in life – the only trouble is that achieving her ambitions rather unfortunately involves catching Mickey and making him answer to all of his past misdemeanors – meaning a long-lasting relationship is quite out of the question. Much to Emma’s relief.

Meanwhile Sean and Emma must face up to some long past, but not forgotten, family history, and contemplate the best way to get the perfect revenge – the question is – is it about the money? Factor in Ash’s reunion with ‘Liability Finch’ and the disturbing disappearance of lady luck from their most valuable asset – Mickey, and the team have more than enough.


Following his stint in Australia selling the Sydney Opera House to an unsuspecting punter, Mickey Bricks has returned to a new London; the credit crunch has hit Britain. But while the majority of people are tightening their belts, there are still a scurrilous, greedy few who are getting ever richer from others’ losses, and Mickey is keen to put new plans into action to extract their cash.

However, Mickey’s crew is looking somewhat depleted too. Ash is back to short cons, Danny and
Stacey are grifting their way across the USA, while Albert, Mickey’s old friend and mentor, has finally been busted and is currently detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Mickey is determined that he and Ash get a new crew together, and set about a fresh new set of cons.


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