Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Rated M

Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Award winning crime writer Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley novels have become international best sellers, acclaimed for their startling plot twists, chilling atmosphere and unsentimental but heart-breaking emotional depth. This series of contemporary murder mysteries feature detective from opposite sides of the track. The charismatic Inspector Lynley’s title as the 8th Earl of Asherton fuels a sparky relationship with his working class sidekick Barbara Havers.

Part of Whodunit? Weekend.

Series 3
Dead Man’s Eleven
Troy is in the Midsomer Worthy cricket eleven for the annual match against Fletchers Cross, so he is on the spot when the wife of Robert Cavendish, the Team Captain, is found bludgeoned to death with a cricket bat.

Death of a Stranger
A tramp is found murdered. The Superintendent has a local poacher arrested and he is later convicted of the crime. But then there is a second murder and Barnaby intends to see matters straightened out.

Blue Herrings
It seems that residents at a local nursing home may be coming under pressure to change their wills. And when more and more are suddenly making their way to the next world – who’ll be found responsible for their untimely deaths?

Judgement Day
Villagers' chances of a prize in the Perfect Village competition are hurt when a thief is found murdered in their midst. Things clearly take a turn for the worse when two of the competition judges are the next to be murdered...

Series 6
When the body of Lynley's godson is discovered more than a decade after his disappearance, Lynley is drawn into the case, leading him first to Rome and then deep into the middle of a new murder enquiry - in which Lynley himself becomes the prime suspect. And, Lynley and Havers friendship is pushed to its limits in a high-profile, psychologically chilling investigation into the abduction of two teenage girls from a leafy London suburb.


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