Rated MA


Kelly, Nathan, Curtis, Alisha and Simon have one thing in common: they’ve all committed a crime and have all been handed out Community Service Orders.

Nevertheless this doesn’t make them friends. In fact, the group couldn’t be more different. So when they find themselves working together on community service as pay back for their crimes, it doesn’t take long for the sparks to fly.

But when a freak electrical storm hits the town, strange things begin to happen to them that are way out of their control. In fact, they have no idea that they’ve actually turned into superheroes, each with a power, a power they didn’t choose or want – a power which reveals each of their deepest, darkest insecurities…

Kelly, who is paranoid about what people think of her, gains the ability to hear people’s thoughts; Simon, who has always been overlooked by everyone finds he can make himself invisible; Curtis can suddenly turn back time; anyone who touches Alisha finds themselves falling in lust with her. Only Nathan seems to have been left out, much to his annoyance.. But while they just
want to finish their community service and get through the challenges of everyday teenage life – relationships, friendships, parents and sex – fate has another task in store for them.

It turns out they’re not the only ones affected by the storm. Other people have developed strange powers too. Before long, it becomes clear that the new reluctant superheroes are the only people who can do anything about it. If you think life’s tough for your average superhero, it’s even tougher when you’ve got a curfew…


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