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Having put herself back together after John’s death, Katie retrains as a hospital doctor, where she meets charming and attractive surgeon Dan. Everyone, including Katie, can see he’s the perfect match but is she really ready to surrender her carefully guarded single status? And are her feelings for her new boss and old flame Jack Hudson entirely professional?

Trudi, determined to put her past with Paul behind her, is enjoying a life of domestic chaos with Richard and their brood. Beset by financial worries, she starts supplying cakes to the local deli run by the gorgeous and much younger Lucas. When she stumbles across a series of mysterious payments Richard is making to an unknown woman, Trudi can’t help but assume the worst. And of course, Lucas is more than happy to catch her fall.

Siobhan has worked hard at her relationship with Hari. Adoring parents to baby Elsa, their friendship goes from strength to strength but there is a catastrophic lack of intimacy in their marriage. Unable to resist her sexual desires, Siobhan seeks solace in the arms of strangers during a series of casual encounters at an upmarket hotel. All appears under control until one of her midnight trysts shows up in her office and threatens to bring the whole edifice tumbling down.

It’s all change for Jessica. The archetypal single girl is getting married. Her fiance, Mark Hardy, is a dashing entrepreneur and a real tart – just like Jessica. They’re both beautiful, they love the high life, they fancy each other like mad… and neither cares much for monogamy. It’s the perfect arrangement – or is it?

So since when was love ever simple? With their friendship to hold them together, the four battle through love, lust, lies and infidelity. Part drama, part thriller, this bold take on modern life and love continues.


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