Rated M

A year has passed since the women were left with their hearts broken. Katie has now sworn off men; Jessica succumbs to the charms of a handsome playboy; Siobhan has taken to picking up men in bars.

During the chaos of having Richard move in with her, Trudi gets an alarming peek his bank statement. Meanwhile, Siobhan finds that her new client at work is Tom. Has he become a creepy stalker?

Trudi is still concerned about Richard's financial secrets. Katie is confused following her kiss with Jack. She decides to throw herself into her relationship with Dan - can she control her feelings?

Trudi finally lets Richard explain his secret, but can she ever trust him again? Meanwhile, Jessica is suffering the worst hangover when she remembers her drunken break-up with Mark the night before.

Flirty newlyweds Jessica and Mark are trying their best to do exclusivity, but Mark is finding it tough. Elsewhere, an unexpected shock during a therapy session leaves Siobhan in despair.

Katie is once again resigned to the single life now that Dan knows about her affair with Jack. Trudi may have a new love interest, but can she get over Richard? Will Mark discover Jessica's secret?