Rated M


A series of mysterious images are transmitted from space. They appear to show an explosion, a major incident in which many are killed. Shockingly the images also suggest the incident hasn’t even happed yet – that it will take place in 18 hours.

Faced with this bizarre puzzle of images, DI Rebecca Flint and her team, DS Ben Holt and DC Callum Gada investigate, believing the images to be an elaborate warning of a terrorist attack. Dr Christian King, a top space scientist whose satellite picked up these rogue images, is their prime suspect.

As the pieces of jigsaw come together,and the pictures become reality, it’s clear that this is a chain of events that nobody could possibly predict or plan. The images were not a coded warning or an elaborate threat, but a genuine glimpse of the future.

Before they can even try to understand what they have witnessed, another set of images arrive, of another tragedy scheduled to take place in 18 hours time. Sworn to the Official Secrets Act the team are now under the authority of the MOD, and their lives will never be the same again – from now on their task will be to piece together the clues these images provide and use them to prevent the future incidents and crimes they predict.

As Dr Christian King attempts to find the source of these images in the infinite possibility of space, to somehow explain why and how he is receiving them, the rest of the team struggle with their new found responsibility. Forced to intervene in the course of destiny, never certain whether or not the future is in their control, is it really their place to change the future, to play God? And is their very involvement actually helping to cause the tragedies they are trying to prevent?


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