Robin Hood

Rated PG

Robin Hood

The legend returns with more rollicking adventures filled with breathtaking archery, romance and humour.

Series two begins in a rapidly changing world. The Sheriff is in the final stages of organising operation Shah Mat, a plot to kill King Richard upon his return from the Holy Land. The Sheriff of Nottingham also wants Robin Hood dead and with his devastating sister Davina, sets about catching him. It seems only a matter of time until Marian and Robin can be together. Until that is, Gisborne turns up at Knighton Hall and razes it to the ground, seizing Marian and Edward and placing them under house
arrest in the castle.

Marian and Robin now separate for the good of England, Marian as the castle spy, and Robin leading
his gang in the forest and villages of Nottingham. Worse news for Robin is a spy in his gang, in the wideboy opportunist shape of Allan A Dale who constantly undermines the gang’s missions, all for Gisborne’s coin.

When Robin catches Allan and throws him out of the gang, Allan’s energies focus on being Gisborne’s
right-hand man in the castle, bringing a new threat to Marian. It’s only her father’s heroic death that sends Marian to the forest and into Robin’s arms at last. But it is not at all certain that she can stay, especially with the ever burgeoning sense that she can achieve more as the spy in the castle. As the war in the Holy Land intensifies and King Richard is under greater threat than ever, Marian returns and fights the good fight from inside.


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