Strike Back

Rated MA

Strike Back

An adrenaline-fuelled, star-studded action series based on the international best-seller by Chris Ryan, ex-SAS soldier and Bravo Two Zero veteran.

A story of deception, redemption and revenge, all played out in the interlinked lives of two former soldiers; Major Hugh Collinson and discharged veteran John Porter.

Their paths last crossed seven years ago. Now, amidst a new hostage crisis in the Middle East, their lives are about to collide again.

2003. On the eve of the invasion of Iraq, John Porter led a special forces unit on a daring hostage rescue into the heart of Basra, and events overtook him with disastrous results.

The decisions taken on that night inexorably unite the fate of both Porter and Collinson. Porter bears the burden of guilt and the repercussions haunt him for seven years, until an opportunity presents itself for him to return to Iraq and redeem himself…


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