The Green Green Grass

Rated PG

The Green Green Grass

Series Four
Boycie and Marlene may be happily enjoying their new life in the country, but have they managed to climb any higher up the aristocratic ladder?

Having fled their native London three years ago, Boycie, Marlene and Tyler are now nicely settled into their new life in Shropshire and are enjoying the trappings of the country.

As the new series opens, Boycie and Marlene are looking forward to their 40th wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, Marlene has arranged for them to renew their vows. But, whilst checking up on old friends and acquaintances for the guest list, she hears some devastating news; news that puts an entirely different complexion on hers and Boycie’s relationship.

Elsewhere, when the television show Antiques Roadshow comes to the area, Marlene sees an opportunity to have some of her old bric-a-brac valued by experts. She is not alone, as Elgin, Bryan, Jed & Mrs Cakeworthy have exactly the same idea. But, surprisingly, it is Boycie, with a little help from Tyler, who discovers the really valuable antique.

Meanwhile Tyler wants to borrow money to buy new equipment for his band, ‘Puddle of Agony’, but Boycie – who was brought up in the school of hard knocks – refuses to simply hand it over. Instead, he challenges his son to stand on his own two feet and prove he is a businessman by raising the money himself. This proves difficult with the local vicinity being gripped by fear of ‘Animal Freedom’ protestors. But Tyler sees an opportunity that will satisfy the animal activists, the band, the local inhabitants and himself; in fact, everyone but his Dad.


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