The Inbetweeners

Rated MA

The Inbetweeners

Series 3
Unfortunately nothing’s changed - Will will forever be known as the kid who shat himself in the exam, Jay is still up to his neck in imaginary clunge, Simon is trying to impress a new girl but can’t quite tear himself away from Carli and Neil is still insisting his dad’s not gay just because he plays badminton on a Tuesday. Being one year older hasn’t changed a thing – they are still idiots

This year Simon gets an actual, breathing girlfriend. Not that he spends any less time with Will, Jay and Neil, who still manage to somehow tag along to everything. There’s some double-dating; a trip to their first proper gig, including a mosh pit and a visit to Warwick to meet the (terrifying) sister who is less than impressed with Tara’s new boyfriend and his idiotic mates.

As well as this our boys get involved with the school fashion show (some more enthusiastically than others); Will is left home alone to look after the house for the weekend and the boys explore the great outdoors on a camping trip. Naturally none of these things go exactly to plan, and they are still “the inbetweeners” in that they don’t manage to drag themselves up to being cool, in fact they are getting perilously close to geekdom.

Series 2
Series 2 continues centring around Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, our four hapless heroes at Rudge Park Comprehensive, all desperately trying to work out how to be cool. Together they attempt to navigate the perils of sixth form life – namely the school nutter, Mark “I’ll rip your throat out” Donovan, and the psychotic head of year, Mr Gilbert – while trying to make girls, like the gorgeous Carli D’Amato, ‘notice them for who they really are’. Which is a bad move, because they are idiots. Will’s still struggling to adapt to the comprehensive school life which was thrust upon him when his parents divorced and took him out of private education. At his side is Simon, not yet over his romantic obsession with Carli , Jay, whose stories of impressive exploits and sexual conquests are just a little too fantastical to believe, and Neil, an easy going lad who is not exactly the brains of the outfit, and whose dad is definitely not gay.

This series sees our gang of lovable buffoons partake in the rite of passage that is the Rudge Park field trip to Swanage, get a taste of the “real world” during work experience week, brave the bright lights of London for a disastrous night of clubbing, and experience the joys of community service whilst undertaking their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Alongside this they’ll have to battle with making Will’s birthday a success, and getting through the end of term exams, neither of which are without their obstacles.


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