Twenty Twelve

Rated M

With time ticking the marketing team come up with a major public event to mark the '1000 days to go' milestone. Meanwhile the process of deciding which who should carry the Olympic Torch has begun.

Mon Dec 1 at 8:50 AM on UKTV

A visiting group of dignitaries from Rio is in London for the week. While the team learns an important lesson about staying positive and focused even when you are travelling in the wrong direction.

Mon Dec 8 at 8:50 AM on UKTV

Head of Brand, Siobhan Sharpe, has decided that the 2012 games should have their own unique audio logo. Meanwhile it's another challenging week for Head of Deliverance, Ian Fletcher, and his team.

Mon Dec 15 at 8:40 AM on UKTV

Dave Wellbeck seems a natural choice as brand ambassador for a new campaign, but the truth is that he has about as much charisma as a dimmer switch. How will Ian and Siobhan deal with this problem?

Mon Dec 22 at 8:35 AM on UKTV

There are only three applicants for the post of Curator of the Cultural Olympiad, but it proves almost difficult to choose one. Meanwhile as the pressure on Ian grows, his marriage begins to fall.

Mon Dec 29 at 8:40 AM on UKTV